Monday, June 10, 2013

Clair, Cohort 3

Clair, Cohort 3, after attending the 8th Annual NSF Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Conference

The conference was great! The workshop sessions I attended were:

  • 1.8 “Science Netlinks- An incredible Resource for Teachers and Students….and it’s Free”

  • 2.8 “Algebraic Thinking Through the Grades: Focus on Structure” How to build on prior knowledge and discover the answer-rather than memorize the formulas.

  • 3.6 “Motivating urban Minority Students Through Error Analysis: An Action Research Study” How to use students mistakes (without identification) as a learning tool..seeing common problems and addressing them.

  • 3.12 “Math Day Murder Mystery” Hawaii has Onizuka Science Day to honor Ellison Onizuka, an astronaut who died in the Challenger disaster. (A Beaufort resident-Mike Smith-died in Challenger also. I think we should consider the same thing!). For this special day, Hawaii grant recipients created a Murder Mystery using math skills and TI instruments to logically determine who killed the grant adviser! It was great fun and I’d like to get their handouts to do this with my students. This group uses TI instruments; CESTEM has Vernier instruments which will do the same thing!

  • 4.11 “Learning to Empathize, Empathizing to Learn: Reaching Beyond Cultural Competence in Urban Teaching”

Conference program:
It was a tremendous experience. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to putting some of the ideas into practice.
Thank you, STAR, so much for letting me attend!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Robert, Cohort 1

"By being part of the Noyce program, I will be able to attend conferences and workshops that will provide continued opportunities for me to develop skills that will tremendously benefit me and my students.  UNC-Wilmington and the STAR Award support my belief - 'Go to your dreams because a quitter never wins and a winner never quits'" - Ronald, Cohort I